Do you have a great program and want to share it with others? Do you have a curriculum or learning resource guide that you’d like to make even better and reach a larger, more diverse audience? As trained curriculum designers and writers Laughing Matters can write curriculum for or with you. For example you can turn over your content to us and we will write up a highly polished professional curriculum or we can work with you to teach you how to do it yourself. The choice is yours. We can also analyze your curriculum for its accessibility by diverse audiences and suggest ways to make it more inclusive, by a wide measure of diversity (e.g. ethnically, socio-economically, gender, ability, sexual orientation and more).

Analyze this

More and more our communities are becoming delightfully diverse. As a result we need to take responsibility for making our learning materials as accessible as possible. Laughing Matters is experienced in analyzing curriculum for its degree of accessibility to a wide variety of audiences. Give us your curriculum or learning resources and we’ll analyze them and provide you a detailed report with recommendations to increase your audience.

Length: dependent upon length of resource(s) requiring analysis. Contact us directly for a quote.

Direct benefits:

* Reach a wider audience
* Learn the methods behind making learning resources more accessible
* A rich, inclusive curriculum or learning guide

Curriculum design & training

Take your learning material to the next level and reach a wider audience by having Laughing Matters write a professional curriculum / learning guide with your content. Using sound education principles we’ll help make your material leap off the page and into the minds of learners. No matter what type of content you use, we’ll work with you to create curriculum that satisfies your needs.

Length: dependent upon depth and breadth of learning materials. Contact us directly for a quote.

Direct benefits:

* Reach a wider audience with professionally written learning materials
* Confidence that your learning material will stick through the use of interactive activities

A rich, inclusive curriculum or learning guide

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