Is someone special celebrating a milestone? A wedding? Retirement? Birthday? Anniversary? Promotion?

‘Your Life As You Thought You Knew It’ is a hilarious improvised look back on the memorable moments in the life of that special someone, and what happened to make them the celebrated person they are today.

We do research on the special guest, who they are, how they grew up and what adventures they’ve had in their lives. Our charming host interviews the guest, their friends, family, or co-workers about these stories and our talented improvisers re-create these life stories (adding their own twists, of course) right before the eyes of all those gathered in celebration.

I have completed and enclosed your evaluation for comedy services provided at Christina and Ming’s wedding on March 30th. Unfortunately the 1-10 system just can’t capture a true picture of our satisfaction. How about ‘damn my cheeks hurt!’ or ‘performance may cause extreme fits of laughter.’

Tonya Louie,
Juggling Chameleon Event Management Inc.


Your Life As You Thought You Knew It can be adapted to highlight more than one participant, and can incorporate multi-media and scripting.

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