Corporate Entertainment
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Corporate Entertainment:

Where creativity comes to life–before your eyes.

The act of showing a creation is not nearly as exciting as making it. Our corporate entertainment, whether improvised or custom scripted, are created with the input of the client and audience. When comedy scenes are made up on the spot based on audience suggestion, the audience becomes part of the creative process, and the innovative show comes to life–in a dazzling, one-of-a-kind production. No two RPS shows are the same!

Improvisers can create a scene about the annual general meeting (AGM) while an audience member provides the sound effects…making the AGM far more memorable and original. RPS corporate entertainment is the height of creativity and innovation: they draw in disparate props, people and places, events and experiences to make your event more memorable. Check out our Corporate Entertainment division for real-life examples of how creativity created unforgettable results for our clients.

How RPS builds creativity and innovation into the professional development process

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Laughing Matters & Community Works:

Inspiring through innovation

Laughing Matters & Community Works deliver communications, performance, and leadership skills development with a difference. We inspire through innovation. We communicate with comedy. We sharpen skills by ensuring the learning process is engaging, enriching, and always exhilarating.

With humour and creativity, RPS customizes material in response to the current needs and critical issues of your organization. Your workshop or performance is tailor-made to meet the ever-changing needs of your dynamic workplace. We pass on applied business principles while emphasizing heartfelt and respectful humour and creativity throughout the learning experience.

Our workshop participants become more creative, innovative, and stimulated throughout the learning process, so that they retain more material and transfer their skills back into the workplace. The result is training that is exciting and results-oriented. Participants develop a high sense of achievement and see immediate, tangible results in their daily work environments.

“[E]conomic growth is occurring in places that are tolerant, diverse and open to creativity.”
-The Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida

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