Diversity and cross-cultural understanding are not just major components of our training and entertainment services–they form one of our core business principles. We ensure accessibility, equity, and the recognition of differences in all areas of our business practices.

“RPS evolved out of a diverse group of talent in terms of faith, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity. Diversity is in our roots. It has informed our worldview, making it easier and more natural to respond to diverse audiences.”
-Lee-Anne Ragan, Diana Frances

Putting our principles into practice

RPS works to find common ground among people by delighting in acknowledging and celebrating differences. Because of our deeply rooted commitment to diversity, we perform for a wide variety of audiences. We connect with our audiences. We weave diverse personalities into our shows by highlighting not ridiculing them. RPS makes people laugh and we make them feel good because RPS humour is always about inclusion – not making fun of but making fun with.

RPS also places the individual, organization, and community in appropriate context.

RPS explores all aspects of accessibility, whether these take the form of literacy, socio-economic issues, gender, ethnic, or sexual orientation, or the multitude of other social and cultural markers. We adapt and refine our services respectfully and appropriately. For RPS, this is our proud commitment and most powerful business practice. We remain committed to learning from the diverse communities we serve.

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