Diversity Training for better Performance & Leadership

Achieving Inclusion:

Longer description: We can all think of situations where we have been excluded. Some of us, because of our culture(s) tend to be more excluded than others. Achieving inclusion is difficult and yet rewarding work. It’s difficult because it’s about learning to look beyond the surface, to ask tough questions, and to accept the answers. It’s rewarding because the choice to be included and the feeling of being included are potent and powerful. In a safe and respectful environment we tackle these issues head on with well-placed and gentle humour.

Direct benefits to participants:

* Learn about what we do, consciously and unconsciously, to include and exclude others
* Realize the tangible benefits of inclusion
* Feel safe and supported while exploring these issues

Workshop/seminar length: Choose a 2-hour; half-day; or full day workshop.

Audience size: Accommodates from 8 to 15

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