From Bureaucratese to Evalu-ease:

Longer description: The field of evaluation is known for being full of intimidating terms and must-do’s not want-to-do’s. We’ll take the edge off evaluation- making it fun and user friendly. Take control of your program evaluation, with confidence and ease. Learn a variety of participatory techniques that allow you to engage your stakeholders and collaborate to create a useful, feasible and educational evaluation, that can also be used as a planning tool. We’ll start from the beginning and cover everything from why do an evaluation, when to do it, who should be involved, what the different methods are, how to collect and collate data and how to display your data. Your stakeholders, including your funders, will love you for it.

Workshop/seminar length: 4 hour or all-day session

Group size: accommodates 10 to 25 participants

Direct benefits to participants:

* Come away with the beginning of a program evaluation based on the program of your choice
* Discover how to engage your stakeholders, even the more difficult ones
* Learn how to display your evaluation data in a variety of ways, including the usual report and also through pictures, mapping, photos and quilts
* Create the capacity to increase your funding because you will have the tools to show the effectiveness of your program

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