You may be the first but we haven’t yet met anyone whose initial reaction to program evaluation and planning was intrigue and excitement. Get ready to change that opinion. Community Works helps you take control by not only demystifying program evaluation and planning but also making it enjoyable and useful. Community Works helps you give funders what they want and more in terms of evaluation (which we all know helps in receiving more funding) and walks you through an interactive planning process that looks at what is happening with your communities, your organization and you in order to arrive at an accessible, useful, dynamic plan.

From Bureaucratese to Evalu-ease:

Does the idea of doing program evaluation make you want to throw your hands up in despair? Do you doubt the sanity of anyone that says evaluation can not only be useful but engaging? Well pack up that doubt and be prepared to do just that- be engaged, have fun AND learn about program evaluation. Based on, but not limited to the program logic model, you’ll take out the bureaucratic red tape, put yourself in the driver’s seat (or bicycle seat as the case may be) and learn to do evaluation, with ease.

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Including you and me: cross-cultural evaluation.

Community based program evaluation is supposed to include….. the community. No surprise there. What is often surprising though is the lack of tools available to ensure the inclusion and meaningful engagement of people from many different cultures. Defining culture broadly this hands-on, interactive workshop, will leave you with new tools to add to your tool kit. We’ll examine some of the assumptions we tend to make while evaluating and introduce a myriad of eclectic and interesting tools that are designed to weave culture throughout the entire evaluation process.

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You choose the form. We’ll fill in the blanks:

Community Works can collaborate with you to actually do a program evaluation on one or more of your programs. Using participatory evaluation that is based on but not limited to the program logic model, we’ll engage stakeholders and make the evaluation accessible, and we’ll work with you to increase your capacity for doing program evaluation yourself.

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Strategic and scenario planning

Program and organizational planning is like evaluation, you know it’s good for you but you rarely find time to do it. Community Works uses engaging, lively methods that assist you in creating useful, on target plans. We examine your internal and external environments and pull the pieces of the puzzle together into a meaningful plan that helps you target your resources and be confident in your organization’s future.

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