Community Work’s youth programming is designed to develop confidence, creativity, and appreciation for diversity in young people who may already be and will be the leaders, team-builders, managers, and trainers of tomorrow. We ensure our workshops are tailored to the needs of youth by creating a fast-paced, interactive and dynamic atmosphere that brings learning alive. We have worked with and continue to value working with a range of diverse youth- ethnically, racially, socio-economically, street involved etc. Community Works passionately believes in everyone’s ability to be both a teacher and learner. We build on the current experience of youth and grow from there together.

Check out the links to our workshops and contact us if you’d like more information or to receive a customized quote.

Training &Team-building

Needs Assessment

Creativity, Humour, Improvisation & Innovation

* Using Humour to Break Down Barriers & Build Bridges
* Brainstorming for Better Business Innovation
* Working Smarter with Humour & Creativity
* Lighten up!

Health & Wellness

* Changing Shape, Shaping Change
* Working to be Well

Performance & Leadership

* The Leading Edge
* Think Fast! Go Far!
* Goal Setting without Grimacing
* On the Spot Creative Problem Solving
* You choose the form. We’ll fill in the blanks
* Team Building & Effectiveness
* Working Better Together
* Turning Friction to Flow
* One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Community-Building through Conflict Resolution
* Making Change for the Better

Training the Trainer

* Igniting dialogue, discussion and dynamic exchange
* On the Spot Creative Problem Solving

Training the Trainer

* Tune-up Techniques for Trainers
* One Size Doesn’t Fit All! Community Building through Conflict Resolution
* Using Humour to Break Down Barriers & Build Bridges
* From Bureaucratese to Evalu-ease
* Putting interaction into action

Community-based Evaluation & Planning

* From Bureaucratese to Evalu-ease
* Including you and me: cross-cultural evaluation
* Strategic and scenario planning

Needs Assessment & Asset Inventory

Curriculum Design, Analysis & Training

* Analyze this
* Curriculum design & training

Research & Focus Groups

* Making Focus Groups Fun
* You Should Hear What They Are Saying!
* Social Responsibility & Self-employment

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