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Creativity, Humour, Improvisation & Innovation

1. Using Humour to Break Down Barriers & Build Bridges
2. Brainstorming for Better Business Innovation
3. Working Smarter with Humour & Creativity
4. Lighten up!

Using Humour to Break Down Barriers & Build Bridges:

Quick! How do you get the attention of a large group without losing your sanity or your voice? Come to this fun, funny workshop to discover how you can use humour to inspire innovation; increase cooperation; build stronger and more effective teams; help people feel engaged and eager to learn about their diversity.

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Brainstorming for Better Business Innovation:

Brain plaque build up? Use CW Mental Floss to get the creative juices flowing. Discover how the proven techniques of improvisation and brainstorming will enhance your strategic thinking, negotiation skills, vision planning, and other aspects of your work and life. Using the techniques of improvisation, we’ll show you how to break traditional mindsets by relying more on right-brain and creative thinking. The results may surprise you!

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Working Smarter with Humour & Creativity:

Consider the power of humour; 96% of surveyed US executives believe that people with a sense of humour do better at their jobs, while an Ipsos-Reid poll found that 93% of British Columbians ‘believe that having fun will lead to a healthy, successful life.’

When practiced strategically a sense of humour is inclusive – it brings people together. When done appropriately, it can unite hundreds of people in a common action: laughter. In our current workplaces where stress is high and differences are many, learn the power of humour to bring out the best parts of your team and help improve your workplace productivity and innovation.

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Lighten up!:

Did you here the one about the guy who was so stressed out about having fun that he had a heart attack? Neither did we. Turn stress into success by using humour to change your perspective and turn tough situations into triumphant ones. We’ll show you how to keep your energy focused, your spirits high, and your mood light.

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