Including you and me: cross-cultural evaluation.

Longer description: We’ll examine what culture is and how the evaluation process is impacted by it. The focus is on community based, participatory evaluation methodologies that maximize public involvement. Including a wide variety of stakeholders only increases the depth and impact of our evaluation work. Assumptions in common evaluation frameworks will be examined and strategies taught for creating more flexible, inclusive evaluations. The role of the evaluator and how this type of evaluation impacts you will be covered. You’ll have time to work on (and receive feedback on) particular challenges and opportunities you may be currently facing with regards to doing culturally inclusive evaluation. Come and be engaged and in turn, learn how to engage your community.

Workshop/seminar length: 4 hour or all-day session

Group size: accommodates 10 to 25 participants

Direct benefits to participants:

* Come away with the beginning of an inclusive program evaluation based on the program of your choice
* Discover how to engage a wide variety of stakeholders
* Learn how to display your evaluation data in ways that are accessible and creative
* Have the capacity to increase your funding because you will have the tools to show the effectiveness and accessibility of your program

You choose the form. We’ll fill in the blanks

Laughing Matters can collaborate with you to actually do a program evaluation on one or more of your programs. Using participatory evaluation that is based on but not limited to the program logic model, we’ll engage stakeholders and make the evaluation accessible, and we’ll work with you to increase your capacity for doing program evaluation yourself.

Evaluation length: in order to complete an inclusive evaluation that builds your capacity for evaluation, we recommend working with you on your program evaluation throughout your program year

Direct benefits to participants:

* A professional program evaluation that meets your funder’s requirements and engages your stakeholders
* Sound evaluation methodologies that are also creative and innovative
* You’re able to choose how much you’d like to be involved and learn about evaluation- in any or all of the following

steps – co-creating the evaluation, gathering the data with our evaluator(s), analyzing the data, report writing and sharing results

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