When you book a custom tailored improv show, we interview you to find out about your group and its members. Then we create a show to suit your needs.

The show can incorporate all aspects of your group, or we can zero in on one individual honoring a personal milestone. Either way, everyone gets involved as the audience supplies the suggestions that creates the comedy. Some lucky people even end up on stage!

We may re-create the day in the life of a special employee, have a volunteer provide us with all the sound effects in a scene, or even have two lucky individuals physically move us in a scene while we make sense of it. Whenever we use audience volunteers, we make them look like the stars of the show (even though we’re the ones doing the hard work!)

The audience participation was fantastic! The way they were able to integrate catch phrases and terminology relating to our business into their show was amazing!

Pamela Athey, Scott Construction.



Improv can be a great break in the middle of a conference, a springboard that helps facilitate further action planning or just a hilarious way to celebrate that special occasion!.

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