Diversity Training for better Performance & Leadership

Delighting in our Differences:

Do you know what your learning style is? What your thinking style is? Further your discovery into the lifelong learning process of how your culture(s) affect who you are and how you view the world. Learn more about your preferences and how they impact your work. While many workshops choose to focus on our similarities it is important to acknowledge and celebrate our differences – they are what make our work interesting and intriguing. Once you learn more about how you view and operate in the world, respect for difference and working together is easier and more productive.

Direct benefits to participants:

* Explore and enrich your understanding of why you think and act the way you do
* View difference with appreciation
* Expand your creativity by learning to shift styles and leverage your own diversity

Workshop/seminar length: Choose a 2-hour; half-day; or a full-day workshop.

Audience size: Accommodates from 10 to 25

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