1. Comprehensive Cultural Audit
2. Organizational Culture Assessment
3. Cultural Needs Assessment/Asset Inventory

Interested in diversity but not sure where to start? Do you have a committee and/or a policy or two that focuses on diversity and you’d like to do more? Interested in reaching a wider audience but not sure how to go about it? Community Works starts where you want to begin, whether that is needing a comprehensive cultural audit, an organizational culture assessment or a cultural needs assessment / asset inventory to help you decide where best to put your resources.

Comprehensive Cultural Audit

To streamline your operations and target your resources to reach a wider audience, we add a fourth bottom line to your operational audit: Culture. We’ll work with your organization to produce a cultural audit that includes: an organizational cultural assessment, analysis of policies, procedures, governance, programs/services, recommendations for action and training and assistance with implementation.

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Organizational Culture Assessment

What is your organizational culture? What messages does it send? We’ll provide an extensive analysis and provide a comprehensive list of recommendations for achieving inclusion.

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Cultural Needs Assessment/Asset Inventory

Not sure what your organization needs in terms of diversity or what your assets already are? Start here for a customized diversity assessment. You and your organization are more than the sum of your parts but what if you don’t know what those parts are? Community Works will create a customized diversity focused needs assessment and asset inventory that will clearly assist you in identifying your diversity needs and assets in terms of:

* Training
* Programming
* Evaluation & planning
* Curriculum design
* Policy
* Diversity
* Other organizational issues

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