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Diversity Needs Assessment

Customized Diversity Needs Assessment/ Diversity Asset Inventory: Not sure what your organization needs in terms of diversity? Or what your diversity assets already are? Start here for a customized diversity assessment. You and your organization are more than the sum of your parts but what if you don’t know what all of those parts are? Laughing Matters will create a customized diversity focused needs assessment and asset inventory that will clearly assist you in identifying your diversity needs and assets in terms of:

* Training
* Programming
* Evaluation & planning
* Curriculum design
* Research
* Policy
* Other organizational issues

Is the glass half full or empty? We help you balance that glass. Whereas others may only focus on one or the other, we look at both how full your glass is, in terms of assets and gifts that your organization already has but may not have identified or used and we look at how much space there is in terms of gaps and needs. Along the way we use an inclusive, enjoyable and capacity building process where we show you what’s behind the curtain- enabling you to learn how to do the process yourself.

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