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Diversity & Wellness in the Workplace

1. Changing Shape, Shaping Change
2. Stress Busters/Gut-busters
3. Working to be Well

Changing Shape, Shaping Change:

Fear often follows change in the workplace but it doesn’t have to. Find out how you can deal and adapt more effectively to change by not only learning to “go with the flow” but by starting the flow going to initiate positive change.

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Stress Busters/Gut-busters:

So you want to get rid of some stress? Good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back, we’ll wait. Discover great techniques to reduce stress and turn stressful situations into creative, laughter-filled experiences in this fun and practical workshop.

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Working to be Well:

This year-long wellness initiative is custom-designed for each organization and includes an organizational wellness needs and asset assessment, a cross-functional survey on wellness; a wellness management and training program; and a follow-up survey and evaluation program.

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