Diversity Training for better Performance & Leadership

Doing the Diversity Dance:

Longer description: Any workplace that values respect, trust and integrity must also value diversity. It is only when staff, volunteers, board members and clients feel that their diverse cultures are appreciated that they can truly participate. When diversity is appreciated and encouraged to flourish so too does innovation. Weaving an appreciation of diversity into all aspects of the organization recognizes the evolving changes in our communities. Laughing Matters’ approach to diversity training is to use respectful humour in tackling difficult issues. We use interactive activities that promote practical application of skills and learning with an impact.

Direct benefits to participants:

* Know what diversity is
* Understand why diversity is important
* Increase awareness of how recognition and appreciation of diversity benefits everyone

Workshop/seminar length: Choose a 2-hour; half-day; or full day workshop.

Audience size: Accommodates from 10 to 25

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