Dyana Valentine’s audio interview

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  1. Eileen Rosenthal says:

    Dear Dyana-
    Loved your comments to Lee Ann’s questions. While listening I felt myself years ago and remembered the energy. Now, I’m in a holding pattern of sorts, and have the time to weigh what “on track” & “true to myself” will mean for me. Many thanks. Jodi has such great taste in friends.
    Eileen (Jodi’s mom)

    • admin says:

      Hi Eileen- thanks so much for your lovely comments. So glad it helped you envision the you of years ago. I think being in a holding pattern can give way to some deep reflection and meaningful change. Here’s to combining ‘on track’ and ‘being true to yourself’. Cheers to you!

  2. Thank You, Eileen, for making such a gorgeous, smart and innovative kid. Lee-Anne is one of my favorite humans. I really appreciate the energy synchronicity–I appreciate the holding pattern, too. I find myself in those more often than I’d like to be. However, I always come out the other side with something unexpected, and usually really fun, waiting for me. Hang in there and know that “true to yourself” is the best measure. Forget about “tracks,” at least in my opinion–those are usually someone else’s measure of true. Thank you for taking the time to stop in and leave kind and true words.

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