Diversity Training for better Performance & Leadership

Getting it Right:

Longer description: Focusing solely on individual/personal issues or focusing solely on cultural issues is detrimental. Excluding culture means you miss the richness that diversity brings and excluding individual/personal means you are at risk of generalizing. Learn to use a simple and powerful tool that will help you determine which lens you are using and how to expand your view. Through practical, real life examples you’ll learn to avoid common pitfalls, such as stereotyping and you’ll operate with more comfort and ease.

Direct benefits to participants:

* Identify an issue from three perspectives easily and quickly
* Increase your ability to recognize and deal with harmful assumptions
* Create comfortable and respectful working environments

Workshop/seminar length: Choose a 2-hour; half-day; or a full-day workshop.

Audience size: Accommodates from 10 to 25

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