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Want information on our training approach? Simply download this training overview, see the needs assessment chart below or the video clips below that.

If your organization needs to … Training may be needed in … Which Rock.Paper.Scissors can address through these workshops…
Have high functioning teams that know each other and get the job done right Teambuilding Working Better Together©
Develop and implement a plan for how to take advantage of social media in training Using Social Media for Learning Transforming Learning Through Social Media©
Develop new ideas and stop doing the same old, same old Creativity and Innovation Brainstorming Innovation©
Survive and thrive in a fast paced, rapidly changing environment Change Management Changing Shape, Shaping Change©
Overcome conflict and use differences to your advantage Conflict Resolution One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Conflict Resolution©
Liven up your training so it’s engaging and retained Training the trainer Workshops that Work©
Develop a healthy, fun and productive organizational culture Using Humour Strategically Using Humour to Break Down Barriers & Build Bridges©
Develop a true appreciation for diverse ways of working & viewing the world Facilitating personal performance, team effectiveness & organizational development Life Lenses™ – Polish your Perspective & Gain a Whole New View