How improvisation creates better work cultures
How improvisation helps people think more critically, creatively, and strategically
How improvisation improves leadership & performance skills

How improvisation creates better work cultures

RPS workshops help to create organizational cultures that are founded on trust. Without “spotlighting” or forcing participation we create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in which workshop participants feel free to express their ideas, opinions, and respond to material in a creative and intuitive fashion. The results are often astonishing. Participants learn the process of building trusted communities rather than competitive environments, leading to stimulating and supportive work environments. Creating a culture of friendship leads to:

  • Higher degrees of trust which result in greater levels of productivity
  • Communications techniques that build on ideas rather than block them
  • Cooperative environments that set up the next person for success
  • An open atmosphere in which ideas and initiatives are well supported
  • More visionary planning, evaluating, and lateral thinking techniques
  • Groups that are more adaptable and confident in the face of change

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How improvisation helps people think more critically, creatively, and strategically.

Learning to think fast, to think quickly and creatively, is a distinct feature of improvisational training. Our workshops help participants learn to see opportunities rather than obstacles in facing workplace challenges. By becoming more responsive and creative in their every day practices, participants not only adapt to change–they become instruments of change.

Laughing Matters and Community Works workshops benefit participants by:

  • Learning to transform stressful environments into fun, fulfilling workplaces
  • Encouraging innovation – thinking beyond current trends and conventional views
  • Brainstorming to help colleagues build on each others’ ideas and input
  • Trusting their instincts and learning to think on the spot
  • Feeling confident enough to create fun, lively, and rewarding workplaces
  • Shifting limited or linear thinking practices in order to break traditional mindsets
  • Adopting more open, inclusive, and engaging communications practices

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How improvisation improves leadership & performance skills

One of the greatest gifts of leadership is the ability to improvise. And it’s a technique that can be taught. RPS workshops help leaders gain the confidence to perform under pressure; to remain fearless in the face of change; to make swift, smart corrections that can alter and improve the course of an organization or project. Leaders help organizations envision a stronger future by learning to listen more closely to their colleagues and to build on fostering imaginative and creative solutions.

Our workshops assist leaders in:

  • Improving critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Responding to evolving marketplace needs by incorporating feedback from all stakeholders
  • Creating stronger skills in scenario planning by using “what if” scenarios that seize opportunities as they arise
  • Taking action by trusting the material and information they have to work with.
  • Guiding diverse audiences toward a common goal with mutually rewarding results
  • Making quicker more confident decisions
  • Communicating effectively with distinct audiences
  • Resolving conflict and fostering more fluid communications among teams
  • Implementing and managing change more quickly and effectively

Acknowledging and rewarding staff with fitting praise and attentiveness

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