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Needs Assessment

Customized Needs Assessment: When was the last time somebody really asked what you needed (not counting a waiter)? Everyone wants to have their opinion heard, and their needs addressed. Community Works is here to help you express yourself.

Community Works will create a customized needs assessment and asset inventory that will clearly assist you in identifying your needs and assets in terms of:

* Training
* Programming
* Evaluation & planning
* Curriculum design
* Policy
* Research
* Diversity
* Other organizational issues

You know the cliche “Is your glass half full or empty?” We strike a better balance. We look at both how full your glass is, in terms of assets and gifts that your organization already has, and we help you fill the glass with the potential that has yet to be identified or maximized. Along the way we use an inclusive, capacity building process that also allows our clients to gain the tools to manage the process.

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