Facilitation Training

On the Spot Creative Problem Solving

Longer Description How can you solve complex challenges that require new thinking? Improvisation is for individuals, groups, teams and entire divisions within an organization who want to innovate and adapt to solving tough problems.

The training is appropriate for anyone in the organization who identifies problems that need solving, ideas that need generating, or plans of action that need creating and implementing. On the Spot Creative Problem Solving is designed to be a working session where individuals apply their newly enhanced creativity skills to solve real organizational and personal challenges. Past participants have focused on various issues from creating breakthrough products to improving the manufacturing line.

But that’s not all. Improvisation is fun and enjoyable to experience and watch and that ought to count for something.

Direct benefits to participants:

* Learn to think faster on your feet
* Present new ideas with confidence
* Brainstorm with colleagues for better results

Workshop/seminar length: Choose a 2-hour; half-day; or a full-day workshop.

Audience size: Accommodates from 10 to 70 participants.

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