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1. The Leading Edge
2. Think Fast! Go Far!
3. Goal Setting without Grimacing
4. On the Spot Creative Problem Solving
5. You choose the form
6. Prescribing Without Pain

The Leading Edge:

This is one edge you won’t want to stay away from. Refine your leadership style and cultivate your leadership skills in this dynamic four-part workshop: 1. Improvisation, Innovation and Creativity; 2. Fostering Teamwork and Cooperative Cultures 3. Communicating with Confidence; 4. Vision Planning and Implementation.

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Think Fast! Go Far! Think slowly and you don’t go far.

Learn to think fast on your feet and to “go with the flow” in conversation to achieve better results. You’ll discover how to be more alert, agile, and enterprising in your thinking and communications. You’ll learn to become more spontaneous and skilled in the art of diplomacy. You’ll not only gain your audience’s attention, you’ll earn their respect.

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Goal Setting without Grimacing:

If a goal is simply a dream with a timeline then why is doing it painful for so many people? While there are definitely some common elements to goal setting, how you go about it can be incredibly diverse. Learn how to set your own goals using a method that is hand picked by you. You’ll have fun and be closer to realizing your dreams.

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On the Spot Creative Problem Solving:

We spend our whole life trying to avoid them, but somehow they always seem to find us. Problems. Discover how your improvisational skills can improve creative thinking and problem solving. Full of wit, humour, and insight, you’ll learn to brainstorm, present new ideas, and gain insight into the most challenging workplace problems and negotiations.

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You choose the form. We’ll fill in the blanks:

Have a workshop that you need to teach, a seminar that you have to give, a speech that’s got to be delivered and you’d like some assistance with ensuring maximum impact and learning for your audience? Community Works works with your content expert(s) to incorporate humour and interactive activities such as improv into whatever topic you select. We’ll make sure you leave your audience wanting more, having learned and laughed. An example of such a workshop follows:

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Prescribing Without Pain: Better Communication and Improvisational Skills:

The Doctor isn’t available right now, but maybe we can help. Body language, gesture, tone and are explored in this workshop designed to enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

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