Putting Interaction into Action.

Longer description: It looks easy when the pros do it- laying the groundwork for participants to be actively engaged. It looks awful when it’s done wrong – who doesn’t have a tale to tell about a show-stopping group groan? Learn the theory behind what works and what doesn’t in interactivity, and most importantly, why. You’ll be able to combine improv techniques and community development principles. As a result your training will be more interactive and have a lasting impact on your participants. You’ll learn and laugh during this workshop and you’ll have your participants learning and laughing with you.

Workshop/seminar length: 1 hour, 4 hour or all-day session

Group size: accommodates 10 to 25 participants

Direct benefits to participants:

* Experience hands on learning that leads to practical application in the work place right away
* Learn about and the link between community development and interactive training
* Your training will be more fun, have more impact and be more accessible to a wider audience

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