Strategic and scenario planning

Longer description: Taking a holistic view, and working collaboratively with you and your stakeholders, we examine the forces at play and create a flexible plan that allows you to focus on opportunities and assets. The plan is used as a benchmark to measure progress in a flexible format (there’s no such thing as not reaching your plan only getting closer to or further away from your goal). Giving you more bang for your buck, the plan is easily converted into an evaluation framework. The process used is creative, engaging and lively. The results are targeted, flexible and helpful.

Workshop/seminar length: 4 hour or all-day session

Group size: accommodates 10 to 25 participants

Direct benefits to participants:

* Come away with a focused plan for your organization
* Engage a wide variety of stakeholders and increase their buy-in
* Learn how turn your plan into an evaluation framework
* Have the capacity to increase your funding because you will have the tools to show the effectiveness and accessibility of your program and/or organization

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