A partly scripted, partly improvised Game Show that’s all about you and your event!

Two teams of contestants are ‘randomly’ selected and asked hilarious, skill testing, scripted questions about your event or company. Whoever gets it right gets points for their team, whoever doesn’t goes for ‘Corporate Re-Training’ where they participate in an improv scene with the lovely improvisers!

Contestants win a chance to win a chance to win $10 000 (scratch and win lottery tickets) and surprisingly, everyone goes home a winner in this Game Show!

Rock Paper Scissors will meet with you in advance to get the inside scoop on your company. The scripted questions and improvised scenes are all based on your organization.

Thank you so much for the most entertaining game show you put on for us. It was truly a high point and we appreciate the time and effort you put into making this a memorable event for us!

Hank Ketcham, West Fraser Timber

west fraser timber





Other versions of the Game Show include:

The Battle of the Sexes Game Show: As seen in the video above, this hilarious 1950’s Battle of the Sexes Game Show pits the Guys against the Gals to find out who really wears the pants in the family!

The Real Canadian Game Show: Hosted by Gord the Mountie and assisted by Anne of Greene Gables and Hockey Great Jean-Guy-Pierre-le-Fleur, this Canadian themed version is a perfect way to quiz your own of town clients on their Canuck knowledge!

Holiday Win!: Hosted by Ebenezer Scrooge and assisted by Tiny Tim and Mrs. Cratchit, this Holiday themed version is perfect your company Christmas party.

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