Are we having fun yet? Executives beware: your employee retention and productivity could depend on it
Corey Van’t Haaff, The Black Edition, Business in Vancouver, April 2008

The Gift of Humour: Humour and Healing
Article published in the International Burn Survivors Manual, 2007

Turning ha-ha into a-ha!
How pineapples and rubber chickens can transform the office
Employee Benefit News Canada, December 2007

Encouraging humour no laughing matter
Marise Vachon, Office Journal, August 15, 2005

Companies Up for Awards
Burnaby NOW, Saturday, October 15th, 2005

Humour cures a host of workplace ills
By Glen Korstrom, Business in Vancouver

Bridging corporate vision and daily practice One-on-one communication helps translate goals into front-line operations
By Glen Korstrom, Business in Vancouver

Hey, did you hear the one about …
By Marke Andrews, Vancouver Sun

Lights, camera, action!
Fred Lee’s Urban Landscape

Mirthful mayor honoured with humour award
By John Bermingham, Province Newspaper

Laughing is good for business
Know someone in your office who is a barrel of laughs, a stress buster?
Yvonne Zacharias, Vancouver Sun

Business in Vancouver Top 40 Under 40 Winners
3 RPS co-owners included in list of ‘top performers in business environments, public or private.’

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