Tune-up Techniques for Trainers:

Longer description:

A good trainer...A great trainer...

- knows what their learning style is

- avoids only training to meet his or her own style
- has a thorough grounding in adult education, popular education, brain-based and experiential learning- knows how to put it all into action by developing and delivering curriculum that is interesting and creative
- creates an enjoyable learning atmosphere- does that and ensures the learning sticks through using a capacity building model

Rock.Paper.Scissors works with you to actively demonstrate and provide lots of reflection time for increasing your capacity to ignite dialogue, discussion and dynamic exchange. Get going, move from good to great.

Workshop/seminar length: 1 hour, 4 hour or all-day session

Group size: accommodates 10 to 25 participants

Direct benefits to participants:

* Experience hands on learning that leads to practical application in the work place right away
* Gain confidence in your training skills
* Your training will be more fun, have more impact and be more accessible to a wider audience

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