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Marke Andrews, Vancouver Sun

Sat 19 Feb 2005
Some of the best humour happens within the cubicles of the office or the factory assembly line, particularly when a company’s employees are feeling the heat of a pressing deadline or an overbearing boss.

If you have a co-worker or a manager with a Chris Rock touch, here’s your chance to give thanks. You can nominate the Seinfelds in your ranks for the second annual Humour in the Workplace Awards, produced by Rock, Paper, Scissors, a Vancouver corporate training and entertainment organization.

Three awards will be given out, for best use of humour in a large organization (more than 50 employees), in a small organization and by an individual. Winners will be announced May 24 at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club. Last year’s event sold out.

Winners last year were Nash Dhalla (individual award), Destinations (small organization) and ACL Services (large organization). Mayor Larry Campbell received a special merit award.

Lee-Anne Ragan, partner of Rock, Paper, Scissors, said common sense should be used in the nomination process.

“Some people use humour to make fun of, not fun with,” said Ragan. “Things that are racist, sexist or homophobic we don’t consider humourous.”

Ragan said they would consider some anti-authority figure humour as eligible.

“It all depends on the context,” Ragan said. “If the purpose is to help people move through a situation to create better business success, sure, but if the purpose is just to demean someone, no,” said Ragan.

Well, there goes my chance for an award.

To nominate co-workers, go to www.rpsinc.ca for forms and examples from last year. Nominations are open until April 1.

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