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Working to be Well:

Longer description: Are you tired of reading about how someone else defines you and your organization’s wellness? Laughing Matters works with diverse teams from your organization to determine what wellness means in your workplace. This workshop series was initially developed with healthcare professionals. We work with your staff, board, volunteers and clients to demonstrate those ideas to the entire organization, using humour and improv. Next we develop a customized wellness survey for your organization that pinpoints the needs and assets, which we use to tailor a wellness management and training program. The initial survey may be used to gather baseline data, which is then used as a basis for comparison with follow-up annual surveys. Finally evaluation is ongoing and fine-tunes all the work that is done.

Workshop/seminar length: this is a workshop series, the length of which is determined by you

Organizational size: unlimited

Direct benefits:

* Working to be Well results in a healthier, happier, more involved, more productive and inclusive workplace, with benefits extending well beyond the initial wellness initiative
* Employees feel included and involved
* Board members feel in touch and involved
* Administration is able to take a pro-active and efficient approach to organizational wellness
* Diverse teams provide valuable learning opportunities for staff, volunteers and board members to actively learn more about your organization
* From communication training and group building to conflict resolution skills and public speaking training, diverse teams benefit from having 1:1 customized coaching with the trainers
* Valuable, specific baseline data is gathered about your organization’s wellness that is used to design programs that specifically fit your organizational culture
* Ongoing, interactive evaluation ensures your peace of mind- the learning is continuous, opportunities for reflection are built right in
* Learning and laughter are guaranteed
* You’ll receive a customized follow-up resource guide

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