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Corporate Entertainment:

When the show involves the audience, the audience becomes the show.

Everyone remembers the scene where Sharreen from accounting had to provide all the sound effects, or how the improvisers acted out “A day in the life of Tom the receptionist.”

Customized improv means the show is all about the audience. It can incorporate notable personalities, catch phrases, buzz words, recent events and accomplishments. People remember what connects to their lives. And what’s more familiar than seeing yourself, your colleagues, and your boss being acted out on stage in a respectful and hilarious way?

RPS involves, excites, even surprise audiences. They become intrigued and invested; much more so than with a standard standup show that is directed to them but not about them. RPS audiences retain more, pay more attention, and the memories last. When the audience can quote lines or scenes that they’ve laughed at the day becomes a success for everyone. Your organizers shine; your product launch is more memorable; and your retreat is more relaxing and rewarding.

Other ways The Improv Edge creates contagious laughter in corporate entertainment:

* Improvisation creates a free-flowing atmosphere of spontaneous fun
* RPS performers adapt to diverse audiences, incorporating any information and handling any situation.
* Think-on-their-feet comedians create hilarious lines from seemingly banal or even difficult situations.
* They are also highly adaptable. Should the event have to make changes at the last minute, improvisers can adapt, evolve your show and save the day!
* We respond with empathy and hilarity to the mood of the audience.
* We can perform for a boardroom of executive directors, school age children, and seasoned army veterans and have a different show each day.

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Laughing Matters & Community Works:

Thought-provoking practices for people under pressure.

RPS brings the foremost techniques of improvisation to our critical skill building and performance training. Our workshops help participants respond with ease and confidence to fluid, fluctuating, and fast-changing working environments. We’ll show you techniques that enhance productivity, strategic planning and analysis, brainstorming, management and leadership performance, as well as team building.

Our workshops are fast-paced, invigorating, and custom made for people who have to work under pressure. By cultivating the skills of improvisation, organizations can begin to build organic, innovative processes and practices into their corporate structure. The results, as documented in leading business publications, include more creative, innovative, productive, and rewarding work environments.

Find out more about how improvisation techniques enhance the workplace

* How improvisation creates better work cultures
* How improvisation helps people think more critically, creatively, and strategically
* How improvisation improves leadership & performance skills

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