We’re proud to work with some of the brightest and funnies improvisers; talented and inspiring teachers; supportive and professional agencies and companies; innovative and knowledgeable corporate and community-based trainers; as well as the finest writers, actors, and educators in the business. Here are some of the people who make our community a better place.

Corporate Entertainment
Laughing Matters & Community Works

Corporate Entertainment

Artists & Performers

People we’ve shared a laugh with…

Tom Arntzen – pianist
Gina Bastone – cirque clown
Mike Battie – juggler
Mike Bean – trainer
Tracey Bell – impressionist
Geoff Berner – accordionist
Toby Berner – improviser
BETTY – accapella musical group
Jeff Birch – filmmaker
Ian Boothby – comic writer
Tim Cadeny – actor
Doug Cameron – musical saw
Nicola Cavendish – actress / host
Da Boys – tap dance sensations
Roman Danylo – TV comedian
Joe Davies – actor
T.J. Dawe – surreal writer
Dorthy Dittrich – pianist
Dr. Bundolo’s Pandemonium Medicine Show – CBC TV stars
Cirque Poule – female clown troop
Bernard Cuffling – actor / host
Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes – TV hosts
Double Exposure – political satirists
Rachelle Ellie – clown
Melinda Esworthy – mask actor
The Euphorics – acapella band
Farmers Daughter – country pop band
Bill Ferguson – juggler
Rick Forchuk – radio personality
Doug Funk – stand-up comedian
Jeff Gladstone – improv actor
Steve Grout – film maker
Stephano Guilinetti – comedia del arte actor
Gut-Wrench – sketch comedy
Ray Gurrie – improviser
Tristan Ham – character actor
Ken Hegan – film maker
Saffron Henderson – singer
Rick Hilton – improv master
Stephen Holmes – actor
Chris Hughes – teacher
Jano – French chanteuse
David C. Jones – comedic improviser
Cass King – poet
Huguette Lacourse – French chanteuse
Diane Lines – pianist
Christine Lippa – stand-up comedian
Local Anxiety – political comedy
Duncan Low – producer
Alan Marriott – musical improviser
Drew McCreadie – comic actor
Brad MacNeil – Improviser extraordinaire
John Murphy – comic actor
Nick The Guy – radio & TV personality
Rebecca Northan – improv genius
Steve Osbourne – film graphics
Patrick Pennefather – clown / pianist
Tamara X. Porier – film editor
Michelle Porter – director
The Proclaimers – rock band
Pussy Willow – drag queen
The Pussy Willows – musical duo
Frank Rader – mask actor
Rhona Raskin – sex therapist
Bill Richardson – CBC personality
Bill Sample – pianist
Richard Side – comedy mentor
Denis Simpson – singer / actor
Len Stanga – actor
Roy Surette – director
Tap Street Kids – tap dancers
Willie Taylor – drag queen
April Telek – actress
Tiller’s Folly – Celtic band
The Three Divas – comic opera
Tyler Tone – costume designer
Damonde Tshritter – stand-up comedian
Unexpected Productions – Seattle improv troop
Taz VanRazzel – improviser
The Velocity Dancers – dance troop
Marla Waal – dancer
The Wet Spots – naughty musical duo
Deborah Williams – writer / actress
Gordon White – cirque clown
Barry Wilson – improviser
Tallulah Winkleman – actress
Anita Zaenker – musical bike pump

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Reputations Corporationwww.reputations.com
Fireworks Productions – Event Agency
Mo Ideas -Event Agency
Notable Entertainment – Event Agency
PGI – Event agency

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Laughing Matters & Community Works

Consultants, Trainers & all around Experts

People we’ve worked with and learned from…

Strategic Consultants

Researchers & Evaluators

Andrew Draper of Hashbrown Design who is the powerhouse behind our website www.hashbrown.ca

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